Revitalization of the company headquarters


Bouwjaar: 2020
- Oppervlakte zwemgedeelte: 45 m²
- Totale oppervlakte: 45 m²
Waterdiepte: 1,5 m

Ontwerp en uitvoering:
FREIRAUM Gartenarchitektur GmbH
at-4072 Alkoven

Revitalization of the company headquarters

The experimental pool from Freiraum received an update to the latest Living Pool technology in spring 2020. The Biopool has also been brought up to date in terms of design. Instead of the aging liner pool, a biotope prefabricated pool in the noble color "bluegrey" with the dimensions 15 x 3 m was used. Thanks to the particularly smooth and joint-free surface of the osmosis-free high-tech material polyethylene, maintenance is minimal. Due to the flush installation of skimmers, nozzles and spotlights, there are no obstacles for the pool robot. This solution is also a highlight in terms of design. The processing has been brought up to date technically. In addition to the well-known biocompact filter and the Phos-Tec upstream filter, a carbonator was built in to prevent limescale deposits. The filling water is perfectly prepared for use in the Living Pool by means of an FP filter and a downstream hardening box. An underfloor roller cover was integrated to prevent water evaporation, dirt ingress and cooling. The cover disappears under the stylish beache entrance and is conveniently opened and closed electrically. The only relic of the almost 20-year history of the open space Schaubecken is the biotope area along the side, which serves as an independent body of water as an ornament for the entire garden. This design trick combines the best of both worlds into a visual gem: on the one hand, the Living Pool with sophisticated and proven preparation, which ensures the lowest operating costs and a minimum of maintenance. On the other hand, the plant basin with its high biodiversity of flora and fauna is the emotional heart of the garden and creates a feeling of life to strengthen body and soul.

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