Natural Pool with View on Lake Zurich

natural pool with view an lake Zurich


Bouwjaar: 2005
- Oppervlakte zwemgedeelte: 58 m²
- Oppervlakte regeneratiegedeelte: 64 m²
- Oppervlakte biofilter: 10 m²
- Totale oppervlakte: 132 m²
Waterdiepte: 2,0 m
Folie: donkergrijs

Ontwerp en uitvoering:
egli jona ag
ch-8645 Rapperswil-Jona

Natural Pool with View on Lake Zurich

The garden designers created a curved natural pool for a listed old wooden house, which had been renovated with care. As the house is on a bank, a curved retaining wall had to be constructed, made of sandstone cubes and integrated into the landscape. Broad sandstone stairs leading to the water and a brook complete this magnificent natural pool. From the seating area above the pool there is a beautiful view of Lake Zurich and one is close enough to take in what is going on in the water. Upon completion the pool owner proved to be very understanding: "When I saw that the pool was having algae problems during the first months I told myself that the pool just needed time. One can’t control absolutely everything – some things should be left to nature. Sometimes one just has to let things go. Those who agree with me will be as happy as I am with their natural pool." In the past decade the owner has never regretted his attitude towards nature.

natural pool with view an lake Zurich
natural pool with view an lake Zurich

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