Pool in Belgian Country Garden

pool-in-belgian-country-garden 1


Bouwjaar: 2019
- Oppervlakte zwemgedeelte: 52 m²
- Totale oppervlakte: 52 m²
Waterdiepte: 1,0 m

Ontwerp en uitvoering:
Geoblauw bv
BE-2840 Rumst

Pool in Belgian Country Garden

This pool was constructed in a rural environment. All features of a normal swimming pool have been carefully concealed – there is a roller shutter, heating and a built-in staircase. And yet, this Living Pool preserves all natural looks e.g. it features a wooden edging in hardwood. The filter zone consists of a mineral filter on the left and a regeneration zone on the right. Supplemented with a flowering park this project creates real holiday feelings!

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pool-in-belgian-country-garden 3
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