Renovation project in Steyr

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Bouwjaar: 2020
- Oppervlakte zwemgedeelte: 35 m²
- Oppervlakte regeneratiegedeelte: 10 m²
- Totale oppervlakte: 45 m²
Waterdiepte: 1,5 m

Ontwerp en uitvoering:
FREIRAUM Gartenarchitektur GmbH
at-4072 Alkoven

Renovation project in Steyr

The natural pool with gravel filter, which was built 15 years ago, was converted to a Living Pool after long discussions to and fro. The work required for the old natural pool was so high that conversion to a chlorine pool or complete deconstruction into a vegetable garden was seriously considered. But then an inspection of the finished installation was convincing. Client quote: "Now my pool is finally what I had always dreamed of."

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