Zwemvijver in Engeland

Luchtfoto van een huis met groen dak en zwemvijver


Bouwjaar: 2020
- Oppervlakte zwemgedeelte: 30 m²
- Oppervlakte regeneratiegedeelte: 32 m²
- Totale oppervlakte: 62 m²
Waterdiepte: 2,0 m
Folie: blauw

Ontwerp en uitvoering:
Ellicar Pools
gb-DN10 4SN Gringley on the Hill, Doncaster

Zwemvijver in Engeland

Southwell Swimming Pond is an oasis for wildlife and a haven for our wild swimming loving client to relax with her family. A 10m x 3m swim zone for lengths, with beach and shallow end for accessing the water, where a water boulder sends ripples across the pool. A dry beach planted with alpines and aromatics spills out into a pathway softened by grasses and aromatics. The sun deck opening up from a cabin is also a diving platform, and a curving regeneration zone with jetty wraps around the pool, merging with a naturalistic garden. Here dragon flies dart and swallows dip, as a stream sparkles down the hillside to the pool, disappearing under the deck walkway. Immersed in naturalistic planting, beautiful all year, the pool supports diverse wildlife and has changed our client’s lifestyle.

Houten huis met groen dak en zwemvijver in Engeland
Elegant natuurzwembad met houten loopbrug en houten terras

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